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For retailers that operate large flagship stores in key cities such as New York City, the likely influx of travelers for the holidays is huge. Tourists have long been some of U.S. retail's best customers, and this will be no exception to that historic rule.  Hotels and Airbnb are gearing up for a surge in visitors. "Within one week of that announcement [Biden administration saying it would end the ban], we saw a 44% spike in nights booked for stays, crossing borders coming into United States on Airbnb for stays Nov. 9 and later, which is when the borders would open. So what we are seeing kind of across the board is evidence of pent-up demand," Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky told analysts on a conference call last week.  I am talking with the CEOs of Hyatt and Marriott today on Yahoo Finance Live, and I suspect they will echo Chesky's bullish commentary on pent-up demand. Lyft and Uber will see a big bump in business from the increased traffic at airports (and obviously, this is good for the airlines).  Hell, toss in liquor makers like Diageo that hawk alcohol in the airports.


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Yanzhou Coal's operating profit soared by 122% yoy to CNY19.2 billion in 9M21 on the coal mining and chemical segments. Shandong Energy's operating profit rose by 47% to CNY37.3 billion and reported operating cash flow increased by 36% to CNY26.1 billion. However, the operating profit from non-Yanzhou Coal assets, calculated as the difference between the two companies, fell by 19%; the reason for the decline was not disclosed, but lower coal production could have been the cause. Shandong Energy's capex rose by 37% to CNY16.0 billion, probably on large maintenance capex as well as expenditure in mining automation and on greenfield projects. Prices of Yanzhou Coal's this post self-produced coal averaged CNY495/tonne in 1Q21, CNY577/tonne in 2Q21 and CNY785/tonne 3Q21, based on the company's disclosure and Fitch's calculation. This was broadly in line with the trend in market prices. Qinhuangdao 5,500Kcal spot price more than halved to CNY1,250/tonne entering November, from the peak of around CNY2,500/tonne last month, as interventions from National Development and Reform Commission took effect. We expect volatile but still relatively high prices in 4Q21 on seasonally tight supply in the winter and lower inventory levels than in the past. Sales of self-produced coal decreased our website by 18.6% yoy to 69.0 million tonnes (mt) in 9M21 on stricter safety standards and inspections and constrained production. On a sequential basis, sales volume recovered by 11.3% to 24.2mt in 3Q21, but this remained below quarterly sales of around 30mt last year. Sales from mines in Inner Mongolia declined by 39% yoy in 9M21 - the worst among Yanzhou Coal's major producing areas - partly because of production bans in 2021 at mines at risk of rock burst.


On his last day as head coach, Ravi Shastri reflected on these achievements as he tried to put their early exit from the T20 World Cup in perspective. "When I took this job, I said in my mind, I want to make a difference and I think I have," he told Star Sports ahead of the final Super 12s match between India and Namibia on Monday. "Sometimes in life it's not about what you accomplish. It's what you overcome. And what these guys have overcome over the last five years, the way they have travelled across the globe and performed in every corner of the globe in all formats of the game will make this, irrespective of what's happened here, as one of the great teams in the history of the game. I've absolutely no doubt in my mind. It's unfortunate we are out of this tournament but that takes nothing away from this great side." B Arun: 'We can afford to field different teams for different formats' Shastri took over as India coach for a second time in July 2017 and had focused on building a team that can win away from home. "Across all formats there are plenty [of gains]," he said. "But I would say winning in red-ball cricket across the globe - in West Indies, Sri Lanka, Australia, England, we're leading the series, it could be the longest lead in the history of cricket because the next Test is next year but I'll take that.